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Pretty Young blonde WPC Lucy Cross Lay on the hard floor in her sheer black pantyhose and underwear both hands already tied behind her back and now resting on the pale blue cotton panties which sat over the dark silky gossamer of her nylon encased legs, the material stretched and taut over her firm backside. Now her ankles were being tied together by one of the six girl gang members who surrounded her and equally pretty and helpless brunette partner Emma Robins, who clad in similar fashion and same colour hose and underwear, was undergoing much the same ordeal. As Emma struggled she chastised the girls with an authority she was in no position to enforce.

"You won't get away with this, why don't you give this up, assaulting a police officer is a serious offence" Emma told them.

"Just give us back our uniforms and we'll let you off with a caution" Lucy joined in.

Several of the gang laughed at the 2 constables bravado and an older girl in dark trousers, combat boots and a hoodie sneered and replied.

"No I don't think so, these uniforms will come in handy, maybe we'll use them or just keep them as trophies to remind people what happens when silly little piglets come after us. You must be new, cos most coppers would ave been a bit more cautious" she taunted her two female captives.

"Don't do anything stupid, you'll only make it worse" Emma continued " just thi! urmph"
suddenly she was cut off as a balled up sweat sock was pushed between her lips and thumbed none to gently into her mouth.
Emma thought back to how she had got both herself and Lucy into their current situation.
Emma sat in the small patrol car wandering when something would happen. She was fresh out of training college and had spent most of her second day being run around and leered at by both male(and some female) colleagues along with her friend Lucy, who sat beside her. Emma had her dark hair tied in a plaited ponytail under her bowler style police cap, whilst Lucy's blonde hair was pulled into a tight regulation bun, which allowed her lovely young face to be seen better. They were both dressed in the dark tunics and skirts with chequered cravats, and sensible flat ,lace up shoes on nylon  clad feet, the equipment belt with cuffs retractable baton, small torch and pouch's for gloves and radio.
The radio's mike was clipped to the lapel of the tunic and both girls had put on the leather issue gloves.

"That's the second time the same cars gone by" Lucy observed, as the sporty car with black tinted windows passed by again.

"Perhaps we should follow them, just to make sure nothings wrong" Emma replied.

The 2 probationary Officers followed discreetly but lost the car momentarily. When they picked it up again it was parked in the yard of a manufacturing warehouse.

"Hey looks like the gates been forced" said Emma " best call it in"

"Lets see if we can pick up some brownie points, we can always call for back up, besides the tracker on the car will tell the station were out"

Reluctantly Lucy agreed and they approached the car from both sides. A quick look in the windows revealed the car was empty, but from a second floor window several pairs of eyes had observed the 2 WPC's as they now made their way inside the large and very quiet warehouse.
The decision not to call for back up was instantly regretted as Lucy was suddenly hand gagged from behind, an arm around her neck. Emma heard the noise but to late,as she turned she was jumped and pinned to the floor by 2 more dark clad figures.

"What have we hear, a couple of pretty little piglets" observed a female voice.
Both officers realised they were surrounded by 6 very rough looking young women.
Emma was stood up on her feet and her arms were pulled roughly behind her back the girl who had grabbed Lucy released her grip on the young Constables neck and held her arms behind her in a strong grip.

"What do you think we should do with them" one of the gang inquired.

"Go and get the stuff from the car" came the reply " now those are pretty uniforms, i think we might like them. The 2 probationary WPC's looked at each, suddenly the harsh voice ordered " Now Strip! get them clothes off and lets see what little goodies await. As their arms were released, Lucy and Emma showed a reluctance to obey the order, but the production of various weapons prompted them into action and they both began to undress.
Arms reached around and relieved them of their equipment belts, which were laid out of reach. First they removed the black leather gloves, then they began to unbutton the dark tunics. As they slid them off their arms two gang members placed them in a 2 large separate rubbish bags.

"Come on faster, hurry up and get those uniforms off" the woman they suspected to be the leader yelled. A hard smack on Lucy and Emma's skirted backsides with their own batons quickened the pace. The mike piece and cord had been disconnected from the tunics lapel and lay with the radio.
Next came the cravats, leaving only the crisp white long sleeved uniform blouses stretched over their chest and tucked inside the skirts, clinging to curvy figures. Pulling them from the waistbands, they undid the cuffs and the front buttons before taking them off.

" Nice, very nice" the gangs leader observed, as several gang members leered and made noises, to indicate that they too appreciated the sight of the 2 sets of firm breast filling 2 pale blue matching lace trimmed Bra cups

"Now the rest, take the shoes off first" she demanded. Both officers crouched and unlaced their shoes before standing and slipping them off to stand in RHT pantyhose feet on the floor. The girl who had gone to the sporty car now returned carrying 2 sports bags which the others began to unpack, as WPC's Lucy Cross and Emma Robins unbuttoned the top of their uniform skirts, before drawing the Zippers down, then placed thumbs in the waistbands, before shimmying the skirts over hips and down shapely legs, stepping out of them and handing both over, as the last vestiges of dignity were taken and they stood in the sheer black nylon control top hose, pale blue cotton panties pulled over the top, to match their Bra's, placing arms across chest, as if this would protect them and watching as skeins of rope and other things were pulled from the bags, finally the bowler style police caps were removed from atop of their heads and the strip was complete.

And now this is where they were, as Emma came back to the present, her firm thighs were tied together tightly just like her ankles and calves by one girl, as another stretched strips of tape over her moist lips and smoothed them down against her cheeks to hold the sweat sock gag in place.

" yu blawdy bishes" Emma mewled from behind her gag, as she felt the tight turns of rope bite into the silky nylon hose. She turned her head upon hearing Lucy plead " please don't pu oomph" she said as a sweat sock was pushed into mouth cutting her off and several strips of tape were stretched and smoothed over her mouth.

"Lets get these pretty little piglets on their feet so we can finish off" said the leader.
The 2 young constables were still laid face down and she noticed how their firm buttocks wiggled in the tight cotton panties.

"Hold on I've got an idea to humiliate these piglets" and she took a permanent black marker and as both captives were held down wrote across the seat of their drawers.
On Emma's she wrote " i'd tap that" with an arrow pointing down, then on Lucy's bum was written "insert coin here" again with a downward pointing arrow. Squirming and unable to see what was going on they were subjected to humiliating laughter.

Now stood up, their assailants added more ropes around the waist and lower arms, hitched behind their backs, before looping long skeins below and above the already stretched cotton bra's, as the tight ropes pushed the girls cleavages up and pinioned their arms, causing some painful mewling.

They were then subjected to a final humiliation, as both girls were held, then the waistbands of their panties and hose were pulled open at the front and to their horror a white powder was poured down inside, before the bands snapped back in place.
The two young probationary Constables were forced to bunny hop below a roof beam, from which 2 long ropes were suspended.

Emma and Lucy emitted anguised mewling " plish dom hurf uff" as they feared the worst, but one end of the rope was tied through the rear of all the bindings around their shapely figures.

"Before we go lets just work that itching powder in" said the gangs leader, rubbing the girls blue pantied crotches, so now they felt the full discomfort, as a burning itching sensation kicked in down below.

Then their radios were clipped to their panties waistbands,switched on and the mikes clipped to their bra straps, as both girls were hauled a foot off the ground and the ropes tied off to leave them dangling.

"See you girls and thanks for the clothes,equipment and car. We switched your radios back on so maybe you can summon help".

This was greeted with roars of laughter, as the gang left the 2 Girl cops squirming, unable to scratch their uncomfortable itch.

"Plef cun baf, donf leef uf lig thif" they pleaded.
suddenly the radios burst into life "WPCs Cross and Robins where are you" an angry voice demanded.
This was greeted with a cacophony of "HELFH, HELFH", as the 2 hapless bound,gagged and underwear clad officers yelled into their radios, hoping that their colleagues would find them first and not any of the locals, especially in their current state of undress. They would have panicked more if they could see the invite written on the seat of their cotton panties, Still it would be a lesson well learned if you go into the wrong part of town when your new on the job.

Emma Robins and Lucy Cross really were having a bad day. Besides being given all the crap jobs now the two probationary WPC's would have to explain this, eventually.
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SiBaTheHat Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
Very funny and nice touches. They got what they asked for.
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Thank you I got inspiration from a picture I saw some time ago
Henchies-and-hose Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
How humiliating for the rookies, especially the writing on the seat of their underwear. Nothing worse than an itch one can't scratch too! I do like how their initial defiance gradually turns to desperate pleas for mercy.
I guess they'll have to pay for new uniforms out of their next pay packet (unless they reconsider their career choice.) ;)
Great touch with the radios at the end!
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
Thanks I will recount my inspiration to you
Henchies-and-hose Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
Looking forward to it!
Nice to have a clothes-stealing story where the captives are forced to strip primarilly for humiliation and for the amusement of their captors, rather than for purposes of disguise. I'm sure the uniforms will make welcome additions to the gangs trophy-room. :)
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
doing a piece now
Henchies-and-hose Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
Woo-hoo! :D
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
Thanks Angry
AngrySoup Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Great story! I particularly enjoyed all the demeaning language from the younger women as they called the WPCs "piglets," haha. How humiliating that must have been for the constables, but still more humiliating must have been the writing on them with the marker! Fantastic touch there.
FlyingRagePanda Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha! Sounds like a decent fetish fantasy. :P
Certainly erotic and entertaining. ^.^
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
glad you approve and welcome
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Thank you so much it was just apiece i made up back in 2011 out of boredom
pilgrimbilly Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
A very fine story!
Bowski--Productions Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Ah rookie's & their blissful ignorance, lol.
Splendid DiD Mr. Black - with some well-dishy babes to boot! :highfive:
mally01 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Well they could say they were promoting good relations with the community youth. Excellent story again as usual.
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Will edit later
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